Autumn Arrives

Upon reading this I’m guessing there are 3 potential responses -

“Oh no colder weather, Christmas, I want more Summer!! “My god where has the time gone!!” “Love this time of year cannot wait for the changes to begin”

Yes it’s true - officially Summer is over and we are facing less daylight from now on, lower temperatures and yes Christmas is now looming big.

Like Spring, Autumn is significant at Hall Street because it’s the 2nd major shift of our stock collections in the year, but more of that in a moment.

Yes, look outside and it’s still like summer. Reading the forecasts looks like an Indian summer could stay with us up till October and that has been the case these last few years. But what about after? We had a pretty good spring summer this year, some high temperatures and lovely hot days. Are we in for a equally strong Winter - perhaps snow? The trend has been milder wet winter days these last few years, so maybe not but will we ever let up ‘dreaming of a white Christmas?’

At Hall Street our new Autumn Winter collection will start arriving for October and once more is with us we will post updates on here. Our most recent new product is Pre Autumn is now with us and is looking great.

For now and till then, here is a bit more about this lovely change of the season -

Autumn is the transition season between summer and winter, best noticed by the colour change in leaves and the harvest.

When is Autumn? Perhaps the most noticeable sign of autumn in the UK is the changing colours of the leaves. As a result of the falling temperatures in autumn, the chemical in the leaves that makes them green (chlorophyll) begins to break down while other chemicals (including Carotene) remain to give the leaves their yellow, red and brown colours.

The most vibrant displays of autumn leaves are evident when a dry summer is followed by an autumn with dry, sunny days and cold, but not freezing, nights.

During the autumn equinox the sun shines directly on the equator and day and night around the globe are of almost equal length - a day and night of roughly 12 hours each.

Autumn has been significant in many cultures throughout history and even today many festivals and events around the globe occur around the autumn equinox, for example the Moon Festival in China or Michaelmas in the UK.

Meteorological Season Meteorological Autumn begins on 01st September 2017 and ends on 30th November 2017.

The meteorological seasons consists of splitting the seasons into four periods made up of three months each. These seasons are split to coincide with our Gregorian calendar making it easier for meteorological observing and forecasting to compare seasonal and monthly statistics. By the meteorological calendar, Autumn starts on 1st September.

The seasons are defined as spring (March, April, May), summer (June, July, August), autumn (September, October, November) and winter (December, January, February).

Autumn Arrives Autumn Arrives

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