Maura Collection and the Lovely Maureen

Isn’t it interesting how technology can bring us together? As the world wide web expands its presence into many areas of our lives we increasingly become connected via social media, blogs, newsletters and more. It can be rather overwhelming! Well, in today’s entry we explore how social media, Instagram in particular, led us to reconnect with an old friend and client and work together.

For those who follow our social media accounts you may know how we like to keep our clients up to date with our latest offerings and what’s going on at our boutiques. We simply love the immediacy and ability to inform and interact with our clients and inspire them with new collections.

As we were browsing through the array of local hashtags we came across one business who we reached out to. Maura Collection specialise in fine artificial flower arrangements that have a beautiful lifelike quality. Far from the stuffy and naff plastic flowers that those who remember the 70’s can think of. We immediately fell in love with the designs and reached out to Maureen to create a few faux flower bouquets that we could place in our boutiques.

Well, a quick few DMs later (direct messages for those who aren’t full up to date with their Instagram lingo) and we managed to meet up with Maureen. Who would have thought, Maureen was actually an old customer and friend of ours!

As we caught up I thought it was funny how often it is said that social media can pull and push us apart, replacing traditional face to face conversations in favour of digital DMs. However, the more I thought about it the more I realised that social media can play a very important role within local business and working with local suppliers. Connecting like minded business people locally is an invaluable tool and we think it is great to be able to work together and introduce our businesses to both sets of our customers.

Maureen and her team created 2 beautiful bouquets that we proudly display at our Hadleigh shop

So, there we go. The world wide web, Instagram and a long lost friend. It’s funny how things come together, isn’t it?

For more information on Maureen and her works, contact the teams https://mauracollection.co.uk or call 01473 652393

Maura Collection and the Lovely Maureen Maura Collection and the Lovely Maureen

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