April in Isolation

It has been 2 weeks to the day since my last communication to you all. What a two weeks it has been.
I am adjusting to this new isolated existence. Accepting it for what it is, out of my control and trying to make the most of it.
Observing the craziness of it all is making for things that shall not be forgotten.
The measures the Police are having to take across the country, the daily briefings from No.10, a Prime Minister in intensive care – the horrible daily statistics of Covid 19’s effects across the world. This is not to mention the struggles all of us are facing just trying to get by. All the businesses being effected and none of us knowing how long this will prevail. I took a call just now from a long term loyal customer of mine and it was great to hear from him. I just remarked how situations like this can highlight certain aspects in life and business good or bad. How we react in to each other in these times is very telling and should never be forgotten. The relationships we have are all put into a different perspective. From a business point of view, how ‘our partners’ respond will certainly pave the way for our future.
At the start of the lockdown, I set up a WhatsApp group of similar independent businesses all around the country, so we could share ideas and experience. There are approx. 40 of us in the group, all with the same concerns. Eye opening is the only way to explain some of the things being reported and there is no doubt this period will be a shake up for the industry.
And I am sure not just the retail industry.
WE are seeing some great positive responses from people, the weekly applause for the NHS has been a highlight for me – such a small thing generating such energy and bringing us all together. The community aspect and just being reminded of what we have and fortunate we are. We can’t be sure yet if this period will be a leveller but there no doubt some lessons to be taken. Last night me and friends held our first Zoom hosted Quiz night!! We may never need to go outside again!! Lastly, rather optimistically Jet2 posted a press release earlier this week which has a few talking – it suggests they are working towards resuming flights and holidays from June 17th . This is a bold statement and many are saying on social media would not be made without some substance and informed decision making. Maybe? Could this be a time when ‘normality’ returns?

Stay Safe, Stay Well and Stay in side. And stay in touch too.

Thanks Sean sean@hall-street.co.uk

April in Isolation

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